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Hello There!


          We’re Brynn+Pam, a cinematography+photography duo living on either side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland! 

          If we look even a smidgeon alike it is because we’re mom+daughter.  We share DNA, the same shoe size (heels for Brynn, flats for Pam), height…short, a love for all animals anndd chocolate!  Brynn will exercise so she can eat cupcakes…Pam exercises by eating cupcakes!  We’re both moms to more than one cat, which makes Brynn a cat sister and Pam a cat grandmother! 


          Brynn has always been into creative arts…a fire that was lit when we lived in England, and West End shows were a normal family outing.  She took a few turns in front of the camera and then discovered how much she loved being behind it.  Pam played the short-lived role of stage mom bringing Brynn to early morning calls….zzzzzz.


          We’re both organized and detail oriented.  We like to have all our fluffy ducks in a row…if one runs off, we feel better knowing most are safe and sound while we chase the wayward one down (and once, on our way to an Intimate Wedding, we REALLY chased/guided geese and their goslings across 6 lanes of traffic!)


          What else?  Brynn will sell her soul for Starbucks (and Pam goes so infrequently she needs Brynn to place her order).  We both love to read, but completely different genres.  Brynn will take hold of a summer romance novel, while Pam will stick her nose into a piece woven in historical facts.  If Pam had unlimited money she would completely fund every animal rescue organization+sanctuary and then selfishly travel, travel, travel.   Brynn would toss her dosh into the animal caring arena and buy a house with an ocean view!



Catching a glance no one knew was coming or a touch you simply couldn't hold back.  Loving, hushed whispers and fabulously unbridled exclamations! ~Brynn

Faces with smiles that make noses crinkle and eyes sparkle, belly laughs, ear nibbles, bear hugs, sweet cuddles, tender nuzzles, surprise tickles, almost kisses (no fish lips, please), the "look" (there are so many kinds), and even boo-boo faces (because they're real, right?!).   So, in one word, authenticity. ~Pam


(woo hoo!)

Thank YOU for memories that will last a lifetime! I'm so incredibly thankful! 


I can't wait to share these. With every photoshoot, I like to get a photobook printed (I have others from previous shoots we've done together) so that I can leave them on our bookshelf in the living room and take a glance at them from time to time. Leighton loves looking at them too - it's so special to us. 

~ Sydney

Kind Words

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