BZCinema was created exclusively to serve organizations and businesses dedicated to animal welfare and education, and veterinary medicine.

Brynn is passionate about animals and creating engaging films.  She takes an artistic approach to film and edit your mission’s message about the animals you care for and the education you want to share with your viewers.


Social and visual media are incredibly powerful mediums used to impact and engage countless people around the globe. An online presence that includes video is imperative to make these meaningful connections.

Brynn would be absolutely thrilled to bring your story to life!  Let's chat!



Business introductions, heart-warming informational series, even full-on music parodies....the sky's the limit!


We have been wanting to do a video story for our veterinary center for a couple of years now. Finding the right person for the job was a little overwhelming, until we found Brynn Zittle Cinema!

From day 1, Brynn gave 110% on everything she did. We had a general idea of what we wanted our video story to be, but had absolutely no idea how to execute it. Brynn's cinematography skills and story telling, creative mind blew us away!!! She also has experience working in a vet clinic which definitely gave her an edge up- not everyone knows how to film animals (or people who naturally want to run away from the camera).

From the creative brainstorming, to filming, to help with marketing the video, Brynn has been so easy to talk to. Our knowledge on filming is very minimal, but she never made us feel like we had silly questions and she always had the heart of the project in mind with everything she did.

Our video is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to see what she does next!

~ Cari Ann Liljegren

South Des Moines Veterinary Center

Brynn does so much more than shoot a beautiful video... she tells a beautiful story. I have worked with her on several projects with a variety of themes, and I cannot emphasize how easy she was to work with and how adaptable she was to the various situations we ended up in. She is someone with amazing vision, who will help guide you to get the amazing end result you didn't even know was possible.

I cannot recommend her enough!

~ Danielle K. Lambert

Snout School

As a digital strategist in the veterinary industry, my goal is to help veterinary practices of all sizes grow and differentiate themselves in an ever-saturated marketplace. As a result, I come across many companies offering video production services. While there are several companies to choose from, I often find it rare to find a company where the production quality and storyline meets the high standards I have set for practices. Thuis Studios [BZCinema] is the exception! They produced a piece on the importance of heartworm prevention in pets that engages viewers. This is by far one of the best pieces of video in the veterinary industry. It takes a unique approach at educating pet owners on a topic that is otherwise seen as a less than exciting. As a speaker at veterinary conferences globally, this is a piece I’m happy to feature as an example of what video SHOULD look like.

~ Eric D. Garcia

IT Expert. Digital Marketer. Industry Thought Leader

Your passion for the craft and love for animals is unmatched anywhere else on this planet. Keep doing what you’re doing Brynn!!

~ Jarrett Juran

Films by J

Brynn, you are an amazing and gifted individual who will do amazing things for our profession.  What impressed me the most - your passion.  One of the secret sauces to my success - always remain passionate.  I intend to yell from the veterinary mountaintops about you to all I come across.  In a few short years, I will be telling people I knew Brynn when she first started. 

~ Dr. Dan Markwalder

Animal Care Clinic


Great video [Can't Stop the Feeling].  It is a great format, great messaging, totally enjoyed every minute of it!!   Keep it up.  Music and fun are a great outreach tool and I am sure there will be pets' lives saved because your video caught the attention of some folks that would not have gotten your great message otherwise.

As President of the American Heartworm Society, I personally want to thank you for your efforts and encourage you to keep it up!  Happy Heartworm Awareness Month.          

~Christopher J. Rehm, DVM

President, American Heartworm Society

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