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Hello Baby!

Pregnancy Announcement, Maternity, Welcome Home Baby

Hello Baby1

Your heart, mind, soul and very physical being will be altered by this new little someone.  And that new little someone is going to change so very rapidly from the time he/she arrives on the planet through those first weeks.

Don’t let any little worry get in the way of marking these occasions.  Together we can plan these sessions from where we’ll photograph and/or film, to what to wear so you feel comfortable and look every bit the fabulous momma (and poppa) you are.  You just be you, enjoy, laugh and cuddle with your faves.  You’ll be so glad you did!

                    The Bump (Maternity + Pregnancy Announcement!) can be at home or on location and scheduled sometime from week 30 to 35 when you have a sweet bump and are still able to comfortably move.


                    The Baby (Welcome Home Baby)  After you’ve brought the wee one home and had a little time to recover and establish a routine (or semblance thereof!), we visit and capture the newness of your family.

Your other littles and fuzzy family members are welcome to join in on the Bump+Baby sessions.  Have wiggly ones in your family?  We'll roll with it, because this is life right now.  But, if you feel you'll be more concerned about staying on top of them then being in the moment, please have a responsible adult in the wings to safeguard and entertain them when they are not actively participating.

Hello Baby! can be filmed or photographed as an independent service or together.