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Paying It Forward

Donations, Fundraising

+ Pro Bono Services

for Animal Organizations

paying it forward

You pay it forward?  Absolutely! 


We offer photography services to All Creatures Great+Small Wildlife Center (ACGSWC) and the Icarus Foundation/Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary to support their mission. 


Are you or do you know an animal organization we can help?  Point them in our direction!  100 percent of monies raised through photographic fundraising activities are go directly to the animals!

Icarus Foundation

Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary


I can't thank you enough for wanting to help our cause and for all of the other animal related work you do!  You guys are awesome!

All Creatures Great+Small Wildlife Center


In addition to incredible skill, Thuis Photography has an even more incredible heart. They have donated many, many hours of their time to create and maintain the website for All Creatures Great & Small Wildlife Center. Faced with the most difficult of subjects, wild animals, most of whom [but obviously not all] would much rather hide than pose, they have managed to create beautiful, unique portraits of these creatures.

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