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Thuis Studios | Family~He's Finally Home | Annapolis, Maryland Family Photographer

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I'm so glad to be photographing families. I don't expect Pinterest perfection. I expect kids to be kids (and parents to roll). Awesome if the kiddo is in the shot; awesome if not. She may play, she may fuss, she may run into mom+dad's shot with a finger up her nose (please, please, please let's remember to have tissues on hand. Just in case...because it's cute until there is something hanging on the end of a finger. 😮 ). It's all good. It's your life and we're living it together in this time we have together. ❤

This family is our family. He's finally home after a year-long tour in Asia. They're leaving for the south and then the southwest. We’d take our precious Beastie scurrying away and running back with her finger up her nostril any day over the distance that is to come. 😞




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