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Hello Baby! | Baby Myers {Pregnancy Announcement} | Maryland Photographer+Videographer

We were soooooo pleased when Sydney+Sam asked us to create both a little social media film and photo session to share their pregnancy announcement with family+friends!

This was a new one for us...Brynn+I usually collaborate on First48+Welcome Home Baby sessions. We wondered how we were going to pull off something so different nearly simultaneously. We scoped out a couple of locations. Made a plan, then another and just did it. No, it didn't go quite as we had in our heads. The weather was not what accuweather.com promised (shakes fist in air)! And this lovely log that was amongst the reeds just the week before was....gone (shakes fist in air, again). But never mind!!!!

Sydney+Sam, THANK YOU for giving us this fabulous opportunity to make this for you! We are sooooo tickled about your new adventure and can't wait to meet your sweet little babe!

To our husbands, Jason+Bill, thank you, guys, for stepping in with us. Jason, for being the great UAV+ronin operator that you are, muah! Bill, for helping us schlep all the gear and running poor Roxi+Tucker back to the comfort of the truck, thank you!




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