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Thuis Studios | Hello Baby! Vania+Nate's Maternity Session | Annapolis, Maryland Photographer

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A last-minute babymoon excursion married to a last-minute maternity session during one of the busiest weekends in Annapolis! Not only did we all make it happen, but because of our earlier chat and correspondence, it felt like meeting up with friends! And it continued from the get go. We learned about Nate's A-MAZING proposal to Vania. He carried around the ring in his pocket as they walked Camino del Santiago in Spain, waiting for just the right moment to ask Vania to be his bride! (Baby boy's middle name will be Santiago!) And they learned how Brynn regularly chokes on jelly beans because she simply doesn't chew them before she swallows. Their engagement story is better than our jelly bean story, but both were met by gasps of astonishment!

Thank you so much, Vania+Nate, for being with us! We can't wait to find out when the little guy is here!




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