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Thuis Studios | Hello Baby!~Welcome Home, Grayson! | Maryland Newborn Videographer

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We're so happy Emily agreed to a Welcome Home video!

We waiting anxiously as baby Grason's due date came and went. And then on 7 Dec 2017 we received the news that he finally made his appearance! Nine days later, with camera in tow, Brynn got to meet him in person.

It was a wonderful visit, to say the least. Being privy to such intimate and sweet moments was an honor. The palpable adoration and love Emily+Ryan have for little Grayson is enough to make your heart swell right out of your chest. We know how precious this time is, and it was a privilege to witness and capture.

Thank you Emily+Ryan, and congratulations! We hope you will cherish this film for years to come!




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