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Thuis Studios | Hello Baby! Niki+Andrew's Maternity Mini | Annapolis, Maryland Photographer

I have a new lens that I've wanted to use, but always put it back in my bag. I also have an aversion to holding sessions in places teeming with people. Niki's also a photographer, so she understands my foibles. She gets it when I cry out "I can't see you! The sun has burned my retinas!" and the waits +/or attempted work arounds when you're trying to make a place look empty of people (and benches, and bins and port-o-potties).

Approaching Niki+Andrew was an easy ask. I suspected they'd be cool with any fidgety weirdness I might have (you know, beyond my normal weirdness!) as we celebrated this very special baby making that bump! We laughed when I totally invaded their space (who'd'a'thunk'it?).

We, with cheerful yet bittersweet hearts, included a photo of their Dakota girl (who was taken away a short while ago by vile cancer) in some of their photos. They understand what we are now facing with our own boy cat, Iolani, who also has an abdominal mass. While he's doing well at the moment, there's no real prognosis beyond "checking back in 10 to 14 days."

Niki + Andrew, I appreciate and <3 you! Brynn+I look forward to meeting baby in July! xoxoxxo




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