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Thuis Studios | Tidbit~What's in a Name? | Annapolis, Maryland Photographer + Videographer

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Thuis. "Thew-is" is the most common pronunciation we hear. Silly us, we were so wrapped up in the meaning and experience of the word, the pronunciation never occurred to us!

(Pronounced "tah-ouse" to listen to the pronunciation).

A wonderful lifetime ago, we lived in The Netherlands. Our Dutch friends embraced us and with them we always felt completely at home or "zich thuis voelen."

It's our sincerest wish for you to always feel at home with us as we work with you to create special videos and images you will cherish. And that is why we chose "Thuis" as our name!

Funny little side note. While many people say "Thew-is," others tell us they've read it as "This is Us." We LOVE that show!!! And it also goes without saying (yet we're saying it), that with everything we do we want you to feel not only like you've been with friends, but that what you receive makes you feel like "Yeah, This IS Us!"




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