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Ready to Book?

Before You Book,

Just Some Tidbits About Us:

We’re hands on (and huggers)…but we’ll ask first.

We may start singing (badly) if a song pops in our head.  Seriously, sometimes the situation is perfect for it.  We hope you join in.

We’ll do ridiculous things for a reaction from a little or a big person…and not even think it is ridiculous until after the fact.

We are deputized cell phone police.  It’s a real duty title, and we will confiscate cell phones from people who manage to sneak them into a pocket for quick glances during a session.

Well, Just a Few More Things:

We will decline the photography or filming of anyone wearing animal *fur  (including sheepskin, e.g.: Uggs).  We understand leather shoes, wool jackets and silk are ubiquitous in much of today's clothing, and for some items, it takes a little label reading to avoid them.  For those particular items, if you can, we (and the animals) would greatly appreciate it if you could sport trendy alternatives.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this cruelty-free policy.

*Since real+faux fur are often indistinguishable in photographs+video, if you or someone whom you wish to feature would like to wear a fabulous faux item from a reputable designer (e.g. but not limited to: Donna Salyer, Stella McCartney , Unrealfur), let us know so we can take a peek at the garment and list the designer when we post+blog our work for you.  Pawj has fabulous Ugg-style boots.  They're beautiful, comfy+warm...and the owner is awesome!

We will not photograph or film in any location, venue or any subject which promotes, profits directly from or displays animal cruelty.  We understand some locations may present a conundrum; we will evaluate those on a case-by-case basis. 

OK, Now We're Really Ready!

You fill out the applicable form found on our Chat with Us! page, provide us a couple of SPECIFIC date/s and time/s you are available, and we'll send you a quick email with the date and time we'll give you a ring!  We'll get acquainted, talk about location, possible dates and wardrobe, how a session rolls, etc., and most importantly, take the time to see if we're a great fit!  (Wooo hooo!...and keep reading!)

Next we'll send you an electronic Contract for review and signature followed by an Invoice for your non-refundable retainer.

After you've booked, check out our incredibly witty notes on how to best prepare for our time together.

What next?  You'll receive a wardrobe color palette or a wardrobe inspiration board based on our earlier chat (check out our little guide), and you'll get right to pulling it together!  We'll work to coordinate your look, with you sending me photos as your gather your ensemble which is to be ready no later than 2 weeks prior to your session.  That will give us time to make any tweaks!

   For Promotional Films, we'll get into more detail about your vision!

Your remaining balance and any reimbursements are due a week before your session.  Balance and reimbursements for Promotional Films are due 2 weeks prior to filming commencement.

Session day!  If in your home, we'll arrive about 15 mins prior to do a quick look-see and get ready to begin.  If we're meeting up at a location, ALL of us should show 10 - 15 mins prior to session time at the designated place so we can review a few tips and hit the ground running at the start of your session time! 

After your session, you'll receive your online gallery and/or film within 3 weeks.  You'll have 5 days to make your photograph selections and 5 days to download your final gallery.  


Promotional Films delivery dates are project driven.

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